All Quiet

Black or even Red Monday seems to have passed with relatively low levels of crime. I think my deductions were correct.

Nowadays, I redirect the bonnet of the car away from infractions and untoward anger and confrontation.

I live in a turbulent part of the world with a history of internal conflict and divided factions. The outfall of under the guidance of a rogue government where governance revolves around personal gain. The rule of law only reduces at sunrise and intensifies after dusk. It is a junk status lawless society that continually time and time again takes when, in reality, it has so much to give.

The threatened intimidation only appeared in diluted controlled outbreaks. Fires limited though, a bomb having found its way into a garage forecourt, as if the fuel price hikes did not cause instantaneous combustion. I’m not sure about fatalities, but almost sure injuries were a byproduct.

Accidents were a source of derision when activists having taken a taxi by force and then was the participant in a road traffic accident, including unwitting SAPS officers.

The inevitable vehicle tailbacks with penniless entrepreneurs directing the obedient cars not unlike a Saharan caravanserai. Most returning whence they came.

Mild confusion, but nothing like demonstrations of SADF parade ground drill practice.

With looting at a minimum and protesters thin on the ground, they logged a substantial reduction in spontaneous roadside fires. Possible cause that most tyres still had more than the required tread depth.

A whim and away

I have had a sebaticle away from this but in reality a rentreching, recouping and reverting to type whatever thar may be. The truth holds secrets and serves me best left at rest. For 2 months I have repelled my demons and like me they are battle weary and the days have been long The…

The Ant hill mob

Apparently towns/cities have been targeted for disruptive actions tomorrow, Monday 20th March. But extra activities are expected tonight in undisclosed areas. Don’t get caught out!


How would you rate your confidence level? Positively pragmagtic

This being a report based on information from other sources, leaving it open to personal assessment.

One further caveat being that the Monday activities took place hundreds of kilometers to the East of where I live. A sleepy dorp use to similar but on a lesser scale.

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