When, was, was is!

I used to climb onboard long haul jets. Place my hand luggage in the overhead locker separate my seat belt, sit an buckle up. In as much time as it would take me jump into a taxi.

In those days I was either flying to work or heading for home. I was a Project Quality Manager, Petrochemical. I took all the attributes I had demonstrated at the interview in my head not luggage. My hands turned the procedures to hone them into the final article.

Time passed at an alarming rate as it fed the demands of a voracious schedule.

Leisuretime was made up of eating, drinking, socialising, viewing, reading and sleeping.

The rotation dictated focused work, and followed by what seemed like home leave cut short by time itself.

This was me and many others who regularly brought home the bacon.

I spent many years in my career and future on those distant shores. I saw sights that would turn a head and more and the countries I visited offered a kaleidoscope of colour cunjured from the country, the culture, cuisine, and families.

It was that last category that pulled at my heartstrings.

Things are different now I travel the jet streams over the internet engaging other types of situations.

I don’t look for work now because when in demand it finds me. It isn’t quite as easy as that and suffers the effects of industry and commerce as is experienced on ‘terra firmar’

Luckily the qualifications through tertiary education Quality iso 9002 vocational courses TEFL TESOL courses a wealth of international experience serves me still and able to be of professional assistance to clients and can drink my coffee while it’s hot and when the door opens Ott more likely to be my wife with a second cuppa got from the kitchen or Cody my Africanis letting me know in no uncertain terms that there are things in life that are sacrosanct, carved in stone and walkies is one of them.



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